7 Creative Videography Ideas for Video Productions in the Philippines

7 Creative Videography Ideas for Video Productions in the Philippines

Worried that your brand’s online presence is losing steam? A new video production posted to your social media channels can bring engagement stats back up. However, it takes creativity to come up with a video that is both relevant to your brand and can get more attention from Philippine audiences.

Need tips to fuel your creative juices? Here are 7 ingenious videography ideas for video productions in the Philippines.


7 Videography Ideas for Video Productions in the Philippines


1. Parodies

You might be surprised at how well-received parodies or impersonations can be in the Philippines! These can include playful tributes to Philippine pop icons, reenactments of iconic soap drama scenes, or a modified version of a hit single. Just exercise your best judgment, though. A parody in poor taste will badly hurt your brand.


2. Time-Lapse Videos

Flexible and powerful, these sped-up videos can take viewers beyond the basic human understanding of time. Instill fascination in your audience with close-up shots of your product’s inner workings. Alternatively, use time-lapse videography to convey vastness if you’re filming, say, the sun setting over Manila Bay. You can also show off the effort you’ve poured into an event with a behind-the-scenes time-lapse of pre-event preparations.



3. Stop-Motion Videos

This videography idea pieces together several still images, with each image serving as a frame of video. Stop-motion takes considerable effort–it may take a few days to produce one minute of footage. The effect of this technique is unlike any other, though! Try using this for a dynamic product demo or a flatlay of your newest product and its accessories.


DID YOU KNOW? The shortest-ever video nominated for an Oscar is a mind-boggling stop-motion video titled “Fresh Guacamole.”


4. Whiteboard Videos

Fascinate your audience with the clean, hand-drawn charm of a whiteboard video. All you need for this is a whiteboard and at least one dry-erase marker! Plus, if you ever mess up an illustration while filming, you can simply clean the board and start again.


DID YOU KNOW? “Mission Statement,” a track by American singer-songwriter Weird Al Yankovic, has a music video that is completely drawn on whiteboard.


5. Office Tour

This videography idea is a step up from the behind-the-scenes format, which is already engaging and authentic by itself. Tour your viewers through your office and give them a glimpse of your employees at work. This is great for showcasing your hardworking creatives and behind-the-scenes star players. Who knows, a few of your more loyal followers might consider applying to your company after getting a peek at your office environment!



6. Round-Ups

Made of clips or segments curated around a theme, round-ups can be thought of as listicles in video format. There are three keys to a good round-up:


  • Short. You might be compiling clips, but you’ll still want to keep the whole video to four minutes or less for maximum engagement.
  • Visual. Be sure you’re not just speaking to the camera. Include actual footage of each item on your round-up.
  • Varied. Have something for everyone on your list. For example, if you’re listing down the best Philippine advertisements of 2018, you’ll want to represent different industries and tones.


TIP: Compile your most-viewed videos of the year into one big clip show for a year-end special. You can also do this for mid-year campaigns.


7. Interviews

Your audience is bound to have questions, whether or not you’ve previously answered these queries on your site’s FAQ page. Why not gather these questions and answer them in an interview-style video production? Aside from making your viewers feel like they’re watching exclusive content, interviews are also great for demonstrating company values.


You can either have two people in the roles of interviewer and interviewee, or one person providing narration while shooting or editing their voice over footage later on in a Q and A format. Another option is to interview an industry influencer, who can give your video a signal boost on their own site later on.


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These 7 creative videography techniques will help you get the ideas flowing for your next video production. Not only will your audience enjoy watching your newest video, but your team will probably have fun with these techniques, too!


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