Why You Should Use Animated Commercials for Your Campaign

Why You Should Use Animated Commercials for Your Campaign

Animation can bring a completely new and unique perspective to your business campaign. It allows your brand to showcase its message in a fun and creative way. 


Furthermore, animated commercials offer endless possibilities. It gives you the chance to think outside-the-box which shows how exclusive and distinct your company from other competitors. This can ultimately lead to an increase in your conversions.


Want to learn how animation can improve your campaign strategy? Mustasa Republic, a multimedia production company in Manila, presents the benefits of animated commercials to ensure success of your business campaign.


7 Compelling Reasons to Use Animation for Your Business Campaign Strategy


1. Save Money

A lot of people believe animation is more expensive than live-action advertisements due to its complex nature but this is not entirely true.


Live production commercials spend a large amount of money during filming as it requires a lot of manpower to tend the set. This includes the lighting crew, camera team, set dressers, make-up artists, and many more. Most importantly, a campaign would not be as effective without a character but hiring a celebrity comes at an expensive price tag.


Fortunately, you can create your own animated character to help advertise your campaign. You also don’t need an actual set as most work happens inside a computer. As a result, you can avoid hiring a lot of professionals to meet your requirements. Using animation for your campaign can ultimately save you money.


2. Spend Less Time on the Project

Animated campaigns can be finished quickly. You don’t have to undergo intense shooting schedules and extensive post-production editing and voice-overs. With animation, you can choose the exact words your animated character will say thus eliminating the struggle of directing a live cast. 


3. Offer Endless Storytelling Possibilities

There’s no limit when it comes to animation. Whether you want to demonstrate the effects of drugs on the body or show how a machine operates on the inside, you can make all of these things possible through animation.


With animation, you also have the ability to stop and slow time and look at the world from different angles. Furthermore, you can make a certain product clearer to your target market using these techniques which can ultimately lead to conversions.


4. Hook Your Audience

You can instantly grab the attention of your audience with animation as it allows your story to be told in a quick and concise way. As a result, customers can easily understand your brand message. This can ultimately lead to an increase in your brand conversions.


Did you know? Animated commercials are 4.5 times more effective than traditional advertisements based on research conducted by Crisp Media.


5. Relate to Your Target Market

Animation evokes emotions that can resonate with your target market. You can easily achieve this by creating your own animated character to be the face of your business campaign.


Due to their inanimate nature, these characters can be anyone as you intended them to be thus making them so relatable. They are also available for you to use any time compared to actors who usually have a tight schedule. Coco the Monkey (Coco Pops), Julio Pringles (Pringles) and Tony the Tiger (Kellogg’s) are just some of the successful animated characters that people have already widely recognized.


6. Stand Out from the Competition

Set your business apart from your competitors with animation as it isn’t a commonly used medium in commercial campaigns. And with a refreshing and relatable animated character, you can definitely stand out in the market as people will link your unique character to your campaign.


Did you know? According to research conducted by Unbounce, explainer videos that use animation can increase conversion rates by 20%.


7. Re-Use for Different Purposes

Animation is an easy and cost-effective way to forward your brand message through the ever-changing trends and seasons as it can be edited in various formats and mediums.


You can also use animated characters repeatedly in your brand campaign to sell different services and products. Be assured that they can stay relevant through the years as they do not age.


Animation is an effective way of advertisement that can bring life to your commercial campaign. It allows your business to forward its message in a completely unique way that makes you stand out from your competitors. This ultimately leads to an increase in your conversions.


Ready to use animation for your brand campaign? You’ll be pleased to know that Mustasa Republic, a creative multimedia agency in the Philippines, offers both 2D and 3D animation services. We can help you attract the attention of your target market through the use of compelling stories and engaging graphics. Contact us today to learn more!

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