Create an Effective Video Advertisement With These 9 Simple Tips

Create an Effective Video Advertisement With These 9 Simple Tips

You’ve decided that your brand needs a video advertisement, whether it’s to increase brand awareness or introduce a new product. How do you make it stand out when there have been countless ads before it, though?


Before anything else, your video ad has to be effective. This alone can push your brand towards the front of your market. Here are 9 simple tips that can help you create an effective video ad.


9 Tips on Creating Effective Video Ads


1. Be Clear

Don’t use jargon or buzzwords such as “synergy” or “innovative” which sound fancy but don’t provide specifics from the get-go. Choose more concrete terms. They’re not as flashy, but words like “teamwork” and “stylish” will make more sense to your viewers.


PRO TIP: Apply this clarity to your visuals, too! According to a study by Yahoo! and Nielsen & Hunter Qualitative, viewers become more familiar with brands that used larger logos in their video ads.


2. Keep Consumers Hooked

You’ll certainly want to keep your audience from getting bored halfway through your ad. Use graphics and text to maintain their interest. Viewers also often pay attention to product demos, event previews, or client testimonials.


3. Personalize and Humanize

The testimonials also serve as proof that real people are genuinely happy with what you offer. You may also show clips of loyal customers using your product or service–just remember to have these people sign a release that allows you to use the footage!


Go one step further and take your viewers behind the scenes. Tour consumers through your office or show them how much effort you and your employees are pouring into your next event. This touch of humanity will allow consumers to connect with your brand more easily.


4. Short and Sweet is the Way to Go

Yes, you should show off in your ad, but don’t choke your audience with details that they might not have time for. Keep your ad to 30 seconds or shorter. If you can, bring it down to 15 seconds! It’s also a good idea to place the highlights in the first 10 seconds of the video, as viewers begin to lose attention past that point.


You might think that shooting one long video and trimming it down may be easy. However, it might be more helpful to shoot several short clips instead, combining them to get your desired look and feel.


5. Crack a Joke if You’re Sure It’s Funny

A witty concept or a well-placed punchline can elevate an ad into an Internet sensation and land it on one or two “funniest ads” lists. The flip side of this: a bad joke can turn viewers against your brand, and a really bad joke can get you in trouble with the authorities. Aside from cracking jokes that feel natural, make sure that you won’t offend any groups or deliver any cringe-worthy messages.


6. Pick a Tone

Video ads usually have one of three common tones, each of which achieves a certain effect for the brand.


Be funny if you want consumers to become familiar with your brand.

Be dramatic if you want your brand’s values to resonate with your consumers. This creates brand affinity.

Be informational if your consumers need that final, gentle nudge into buying your product or availing of your services.


7. Don’t Neglect the Practicalities

Even the most genius concept won’t survive with poor lighting, an inappropriate wardrobe, and a mismatched background. It’s best to ask for professional help with your lighting, though you can also film in front of a window and use overhead lights. Pick a setting that will help build the image you want to leave with viewers–set a restaurant ad in the kitchen, or show couriers arriving at receivers’ doors. Finally, unless you’re a fashion retailer or a couture brand, dress your actors in clean and neutral clothes.


8. Cap with a Call to Action

End the ad by giving customers one last pull. You can leave your contact information or a limited time offer, or lead viewers to your website by creating a landing page that clearly echoes your ad.


A CTA in the form of a hashtag can also do the trick. Use the same hashtag across ads and social channels to create a pattern that consumers can easily notice. Viewers can also earn a sense of participation from following the hashtag and seeing other people perform the same action. Keep your CTA hashtag short and specific, start it with a verb, and give your audience a task that anyone can do. A prime example of this technique? #ShareaCoke.


9. Make Sure the Product is Worth The Ad

Don’t rely on the ad alone to boost your brand! No matter how much of your soul you’ve poured into it, your video ad will only be truly effective if there’s a quality product behind it. Remember, no one likes being duped.


While video advertisements often don’t sprout painlessly, the creation process won’t as daunting as it seems with these 9 simple tips. You might even make waves with your next video advertisement. If you want an especially powerful ad with a professional finish, you can also get in touch with the experts at Mustasa Republic! Check out our services and allow us to help you create a video ad that perfectly captures your brand’s message.

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