8 Halloween Video Ideas for Your Marketing Campaign

8 Halloween Video Ideas for Your Marketing Campaign

Every year on October 31, people spend a lot of money to celebrate the Halloween season. In fact, in the United States alone last year, Halloween spending amounted to at least $9 billion. As such, it’s the perfect opportunity for your business to reach out to your audiences and build brand loyalty.


And what better way to do this than producing creative video content for your customers? Video allows you to tell your brand story in an engaging way. It can also be easily shared online which leads to numerous benefits such as improved brand awareness and boost in sales.


So if you want to join the festivities and increase your profits this season, here are 8 Halloween videos to kickstart your marketing campaigns.


8 Creative Ideas for Your Halloween Video Marketing Campaign


1. Scary Pranks

Pulling a scary prank or two can get people to talk about your company.


Simply plant hidden cameras on your store and prank a particular employee. For instance, if you run a bookstore, you can have books fall off the shelves. Or if you have a clothing business, you can let a fellow workmate act as a lifeless mannequin then scare him at the right time.


After a successful trick, you can post the video for the world to see your employee’s hilarious reaction. This would definitely lead to a sudden surge of interest in your business.


Tip: You can also opt to upload a creepy video for the audience to revel in. Just make sure to know your target audience so you avoid making it particularly terrifying.


2. Spooky Promos

Halloween is one of the scariest events of the year. As such, it is the ideal time to put up spooky promos to boost your marketing campaign.


Consider bundling up several spooky ornaments if you sell home products. Or you can offer limited edition sweets if you have a candy store.


For other kinds of businesses, you can simply opt to record a tour of your store to show your customers what kind of decorations you have put up. This can entice them to come and visit your shop for themselves.


3. Interactive Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt video is a fun way to promote your business this Halloween.


You can send your customers to look for seasonal discounts through clues shown in your videos. Use secret links and hidden annotations and even incorporate monsters or ghosts in the video to make it a bit more challenging (and scary!) for them. It’s also best to produce a scavenger video series so you can capture your audience’s attention.


Tip: If you want to increase the foot traffic of your business, you can introduce hints on your own store aisles.


4. Eerie Countdown Video

Halloween isn’t just for children anymore! In fact, more and more adults are actually anticipating this specific day of the year. It has become less about trick-and-treating and more on partying and going out with friends.


As such, you can create a countdown video to further spark up this hype. Expect a lot of people to flock your stores at Halloween especially if you offer seasonal promos.


5. Short Horror Film

Rather than directly promoting your products, you can opt to produce a short horror film instead. These long-form videos provide entertainment and engage your viewers with your brand personality through unforgettable frightening stories.


Did You Know? According to Wochit, longer videos achieve higher completion rates compared to shorter video ads.


6. Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hair and makeup are trendy topics during Halloween. So if you’re a beauty brand, you can always rely on Halloween makeup tutorials to do the trick for your marketing campaign.


Use your own makeup products and showcase their various benefits in the video. As a result, people are more likely to try and buy your cosmetics. 


Ultimately, making Halloween makeup tutorials is a great way to promote your cosmetics.


7. Halloween Costume Lookbook

In addition to hair and makeup, a lot of people are also looking for inspiration on what to wear for Halloween. As such, you can incorporate a costume lookbook for your marketing campaign.


The key to its success is giving your viewers an interesting costume idea that hasn’t been used yet by many people. Ideally suited for fashion retailers, it can help bring both physical and online traffic to your business.


8. Spine-Chilling Live Stream

Hosting a live stream on your social media pages provide many benefits to your company.


For one, you are able to connect to your customers by incorporating interactive polls and real-time comments.  You can also opt to host a round of Q&As in which you collect and answer questions given by your audience.


For the ultimate spine-chilling experience, share ghost stories during your live stream. This is a guaranteed way for people to talk about your brand.

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Halloween gives you the opportunity to promote your brand and increase your profits through creative business strategies. So spice up your marketing campaigns with these 8 Halloween video ideas that will surely give you scary-good results.


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