10 Low-Budget Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

10 Low-Budget Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

It’s easy for industry giants to shell out a few hundred thousand pesos for a month of billboard space along EDSA or a 30-second TV ad, but what if your brand doesn’t have that kind of budget? You’ll want to find a way to advertise without squeezing your company dry. Here are 10 low-budget advertising ideas that can work for your small business.


10 Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses on a Budget


1. Host an Event

Plan a small event or prepare a class related to your business. For instance, a restaurant can teach guests how to whip up iconic appetizers. Then, come up with a stack of flyers and hand them out! You can also tack posters onto community bulletin boards, who mostly favor invitations to educational events over business ads.


2. Decorate the Company Car

Print out bumper stickers and window decals, making sure that your brand name and logo can clearly be seen. Like this, you’ll be advertising to people walking past your car or idling beside you in traffic. Stand out a bit more and use a large magnetic sign! Just don’t break any traffic laws.


3. Hold Contests and Raffles

You might have to spend a bit for this one, but in return, you’ll be raking in countless potential leads. Prizes don’t have to be expensive, either. A sleek journal or a trendy cap might be enough for participants to sign up. It’s best to offer a prize related to your business, such as a free product or a discount.


4. Hand Out Free Stuff

Freebies are actually good for your brand! Go ahead and hand out free samples or bundle free gifts with certain services. Why not try handing out custom balloons at a local event? Not only do they make people of all ages smile, but they’ll also result in a handful of different people carrying your brand around for other people to see.


5. Get Acquainted

You can’t go wrong with reaching out. Make connections with bloggers and influencers who can write reviews of your products, which their followers will most likely stumble upon. Go to trade shows and exchange contact details with other people in your field, and join a few exclusive seminars while you’re at it. Offer your current patrons free products or discounts for referring their friends and family.


6. Give Guerrilla Marketing a Try

Guerrilla marketing relies more on creativity than on budget. Its unconventional techniques might feel more brick-and-mortar, as they usually involve public spaces, but the results often inspire awe and can even go viral. One exciting form of guerrilla marketing that you can use is the treasure hunt. Leave online clues to hidden items, and reward participants with prizes, codes, or hints for the next hunt. You can also do graffiti marketing and transform an abandoned building or an alley into a giant handmade ad. Do get permission from the relevant authorities and make sure you’re not breaking any ordinances, though!


DID YOU KNOW? Felix Baumgartner’s 39-kilometer space dive in 2012 actually counts as guerrilla marketing. The jump was a publicity stunt for Red Bull’s Stratos project.


7. Tap Social Networks

Does your business have a Facebook account? What about a Twitter handle or an IG? Set them up and use them to post pictures and videos of your products and services. You can also announce raffles and promos on social media. Better yet, connect with your audience and make them smile with user-generated content!


Two sites that you should look into are LinkedIn and Reddit. LinkedIn often isn’t used enough, but it lets you build networks, share content, and even join groups relevant to your brand. Meanwhile, Reddit calls itself the “front page of the internet” and can be a powerful platform if used wisely. Find the subreddit, or subcategory, that is closest to your business, and try to participate and genuinely help out. Redditors will also appreciate you more if you make an effort to not sound salesy.


8. Put Up an Infographic

A well-designed infographic will get you shares, referral traffic, and links. If you want to try making it yourself, you can find resources on sites like Visual.ly or Canva and build an infographic that is both attractive and easy to understand. Don’t worry if graphic design isn’t a strength of yours–that’s where creative video productions companies like Mustasa Republic come in.


9. Get Your Business Cards and Brochures Ready

Don’t underestimate the power of an eye-catching business card. It’s a good idea to hand them out to everyone you shake hands with. You might also want to keep brochures with you wherever you go. You’ll have something to hand to potential customers, and they’ll have reading material on hand even after you part ways.


10. Create an Instructional Video

Teach your customers a new skill or a couple of hacks! You can try putting it together yourself or asking help from the experts here at Mustasa Republic. It’ll be worth the cost and effort–80% of users remember a video ad they’ve watched within the past month, and 90% of viewers say product videos factor into their purchases, according to Vidyard’s Business Benchmark Report.


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Aside from these 10 low-budget ideas, you might also want to find a creative multimedia agency that can help sharpen your marketing campaign at a competitive price. Try consulting with us at Mustasa Republic for effective advertising strategies that won’t break your budget. Our services range from marketing video creation to photography and print. We can help you build your social media presence, too! Allow us to work with you and help your business stay on top of the competition.

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