6 Ways Motion Graphics Can Step Up Your Video Marketing Campaign

Motion Graphics Can Step Up Your Video Marketing Campaign

With so many businesses also producing videos for their marketing campaigns, you might probably be wondering how to stand out from the competition so you can earn more leads and in turn, profits. While it’s always a good idea to incorporate video trends, you should only know the one trend that endured and still continue to do so—motion graphics. 

Dubbed as the “infographics” in the video marketing industry, motion graphics offers an accessible and entertaining approach to share complex information. It is simply graphic design elements in movement which can easily and instantly capture the attention of your audience. And having been used across countless advertisements, film, television, and social media, motion graphics is definitely something you should leverage.

Still not convinced? Here are 6 ways motion graphics can step up your video marketing campaign.


6 Reasons to Use Motion Graphics in Video Marketing Campaigns



1. Convey Complex Messages Quickly

Customers often look for facts, functionality, and stats about a particular product or service before purchasing it. And while there are various ways and mediums in which you can convey such complex information, nothing is probably more effective and enjoyable than motion graphics. 

For instance, animation—through visual imagery and chosen on-screen text—can easily communicate the same amount of information found in a half-page of text content. In fact, these visuals are also more appealing to the audience with about 79% of consumers preferring to learn more about a company through videos than text.


2. Create a Unique Brand Identity

Brand awareness is the key to getting conversions. After all, how can a customer buy your product or service if he hasn’t even heard or associated himself with your brand before?

Fortunately, using motion graphics can help incorporate your brand identity into easily consumable video content. Not only can it create a distinct and unique aesthetic for your video marketing campaigns but it can also provide consistency to all your media content. This ultimately helps consumers remember what your brand actually stands for.


3. Catch Your Customer’s Attention

When learning about a product or service, 72% of people said that they prefer video over text. But unlike ordinary video production, motion graphics offer endless creative possibilities and in turn, better catch customer’s attention.

It allows you to create highly-stylized and visually-engaging content without being constrained by budget and time. So whether you want to create a mind-blowing explainer video that manipulates with time or look at the world from a different angle, motion graphics gives you the freedom to do so.

This unique storytelling approach can ultimately hook your audience and may even lead to a 97% increase in purchasing intent.


4. Increase Consumer Engagement

Aside from grabbing the attention of your customers, motion graphics also help you increase audience engagements. In fact, statistics reveal that people are 10 times more likely to interact and share video content compared to a block of text. Media consumption has also changed over the years with more than 50% of consumers watching videos on their smartphones or tablets. This just means that business owners should adapt accordingly when it comes to their marketing strategies such as trying out vertical videos and content with no audio.

Fortunately, motion graphics can easily be watched on any device which opens a lot of opportunities to connect with your target audience. It can also either be presented in both portrait and landscape orientation without the need for sound, thanks to its primary visual elements. This ultimately makes your audience more likely to engage with your video content.


5. Stand Out from the Competition

Unlike videos, motion graphics are still relatively underrated and only a few people know how to utilize it correctly. That’s why as a business owner, it’s vital that you consider integrating this type of video content into your marketing campaigns in order to stand out from the competition.

With its creative and distinct visual elements, motion graphics can take any boring and static content and completely transform it into something engaging and exciting. This ultimately sets you apart from countless businesses that are using video campaigns.


6. Enjoy Higher ROI

With more and more people using video more than ever, it’s easy to dive right in the industry and produce video campaigns non-stop with the hopes of improving sales. However, there’s a big difference between doing videos and doing it well.

As such, it’s best to produce valuable video content that is both entertaining and informative at the same time. People don’t care about opinions anymore—they need to see data and facts in order to trust you and build a meaningful relationship with your brand.

Motion graphics can do all of these and more. It allows you to convey complex data in bigger-than-life pictures in which people can find themselves in. It can help customers understand what exactly you are telling without having to read through a 1000-word article—they can simply sit down, relax, and watch as the information play in front of their eyes. 

Most importantly, motion graphics have proven time and time again that it can successfully drive conversions in exchange for comparatively affordable video production costs. In fact, a recent Wyzowl report reveals that at least 88% of marketers believe that motion graphics and videos give them a good return in investment (ROI) and 95% say they would keep on spending on video productions. The same report also shares that 83% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads.


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With video marketing on the rise today, it’s essential that your business stays on top of its game. Fortunately, motion graphics can step up your video marketing campaign and easily catch customers’ attention. This would ultimately lead to higher leads and profits.

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