2D and 3D Animation

2D and 3D Animation
Let our production company in the Philippines help you create engaging campaigns through animation.

2D Animation

Our animation company in the Philippines offers 2D animation services that let your brand message stand out. We are a multimedia company that can ensure your business stays on top of its game with animation services that are defined by unique concepts, carefully crafted movements and outstanding visuals.

3D Animation

Realize your vision through our 3D animation works. Our animation studio in the Philippines is composed of industry professionals who are skilled in various animation software and educated with the right animation principles. With our help, you can be confident that every detail of your animation project is on point enough to drive enormous returns.

Why Choose Animation Services for Your Brand Campaign

Tell Your Story from a Fresh Perspective

Animation can bring a fresh perspective to any brand campaign. Through 2D and 3D animation, you will have the ability to create a new world that your target audiences will be attracted to look into. You can tell a story that connects and even slow the time for your brand message to be absorbed better.

Hook Your Audience

With new ideas and insights, animation allows you to grab the attention of your audience right away. In fact, it is 4.5 times more effective than traditional campaigns as it can tell your message in a quick and captivating way.

Stand Out from the Competition

It’s easy to lose your own voice with so many campaigns out there in the market. Fortunately, our experts in video production can set your brand apart from its competitors by implementing only the best practices in animation.

Be Recognizable

Using animated characters as your brand’s ambassador will give your campaigns a timeless and easily recognizable look. This would also leave a memorable impression on your current and future consumers.

Adapt to Different Medias

There’s no limit when it comes to sharing your story through animation. Whether you want it to run on a small mobile screen or a large multi-format display, you can put your campaigns in different formats.

Mustasa Republic, A Video Production Company in Manila

We are the experts in video production, including 2D and 3D animation. Backed by extensive experiences in the industry, we can help you produce animated campaigns that can put your brand to the spotlight.


Throughout the years, we have been tapped by different companies to amplify their brand campaigns. We have been using innovative techniques and technology to provide quality 2D and 3D animation services that can exceed our client’s expectations.
See samples of our works to know how our animation company dedicates our expertise to help our clients succeed.