Post Production

Putting your ideas to life is our expertise. Mustasa Republic Production house can apply the enhancements and revisions needed to produce videos that can influence reactions and deliver satisfactory results for our clients.

Video Editing

Our production company’s team of in-house directors has years of experience in advertising and video production. Through our creative video productions expertise, we will ensure that every acting is on point, every element on the set in the right place, and every camera and light is pointing at the right direction.

Our production agency does this so that every detail of your project will be executed as close as possible to how you originally envisioned and at par with industry standards.

Musical Scoring and Licensing

After helping you plan out on every necessary aspect of your video shoot, our creative video productions team will make sure that every step laid out will be carefully monitored during production, guaranteeing that everything will run accordingly, within budget and on schedule.

Color Grading

Our production house in Manila is composed of art directors, set designers and artists. Our video production team composed of color grading experts will help you craft sets and props making use of their keen eye for detail, skillful hands and resourcefulness.

2D and 3D Motion Graphics and Special Effects

Mustasa Republic Production House in the Philippines has the necessary resources and manpower required of a video production house. Throughout the years, our video production team has acquired the knowledge and skills to mount almost all kinds of shoots required for your projects. With our people and technical expertise, we can assist you on all aspects of video production including 2D and 3D motion graphics and special effects.

Video Compositing

We have an experienced team who specialize in visual compositing. We can create the special effects needed to make remarkable video productions. Our production house in the Philippines has a creatives team that can make a particular scene standout and combine the elements needed to ensure the effective delivery of your message.

Mastering and File conversion

Our production house provides expert assistance from start to finish. We can help execute seamless production complete with high-quality sound recording. Our team can integrate sound quality with your video production while ensuring that balance and consistency are exhibited all throughout.

DVD authoring

Our experience as a creative video productions company has allowed us to produce professionally-done DVDs. Through a team that specializes in DVD Authoring, our production company in the Philippines can help ensure that the videos you produce can be played on a DVD player seamlessly.