10 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas to Capture Your Customers’ Hearts

Valentines Day Marketing Ideas

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, most businesses are now preparing their own respective gimmicks in order to increase sales during this romantic holiday. It’s easy to understand the reason why as Americans alone are expected to spend approximately $20.7 billion on this special occasion for this year. 

This huge number just proves that Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. As such, it’s the perfect opportunity for your business to share your own romantic flair about trendy topics and send sweet messages that resonate with your customers.

Want to take advantage of this holiday but have no idea where to start? Here are 10 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas you can integrate in your business campaign to capture your customers’ hearts.


10 Marketing Ideas You Can Integrate To Your Business This Valentine’s Day


1. Offer 2-for-1 Deals

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday all about couples so it’s best to offer special “two-for-one” deals. For instance, restaurants can serve two meals for the price of one, or maybe even give a free dessert if you buy one dish. Beauty stores, on the other hand, can offer “Buy 1 Take 1” bundles on selected cosmetics and perfumes. If your business doesn’t sell physical products, you can always find a way to give discounted deals on your services and integrate a Valentine’s Day theme.

Your business can also try out offering a specific discount⁠—a 20% off on flowers or candy at a specific hours—instead of the usual “BOGO” promotions. All of these offers can either be communicated to your consumers via email marketing, social media, or even through text.

But no matter what kind of promotion you integrate to your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, make sure to use relevant and romantic language and even include heart emojis to increase response rates.

Did You Know? According to statistics, 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes and have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, and social media.


2. Pair Your Products Together

This is another Valentine’s Day marketing idea that play with the holiday’s “pairing” aspect which in turn help you increase business sales. Simply bundle up two of your products that can work well together and put up a special price for these items.

For instance, fashion retailers can pair two clothing pieces that fit each other to a tee. Then you can go on and add a romantic twist with relevant messaging such as “Date Night Essentials” or “The Perfect Set for Valentine’s Day.”

Jewelry boutiques, on the other hand, can pair necklaces with bracelets or earrings. Florists can bundle up classic red roses with bright sunflowers. Or you can even try out offering chocolates together with flowers for that traditional Valentine’s Day gift. 


3. Tour Your Customers to Your Valentine’s Themed Store

In preparation for Holiday sales, probably the first thing business owners would think of is decorating up their stores to have the look and feel of Valentine’s Day. Create a short video tour of your shop to show your customers the spirit of this romantic holiday. This can actually enhance their shopping experience and even entice them to visit your actual boutique and purchase your products.


4. Revamp Your Website

Aside from your physical store, you should also re-design your website for Valentine’s Day. However, this doesn’t mean you have to create a totally brand new site just for the romantic occasion as it can very expensive and time-consuming. Instead, opt to have a welcome coupon pop-up, a header bar with call-to-action, or a Valentine banner on your website’s homepage slider.

Tip: Don’t forget your social media pages! Replace your old profile pictures and header images with new ones that screams the holiday of love.


5. Send a Valentine’s Day Card to Your Customers

It’s always a good idea to give your customers a little token saying how much you appreciate them. And while you can conveniently send a Valentine’s Day card through email, there’s probably no better way to show that you care by actually sending out physical cards. Not only is it a sincere marketing effort but it also helps your business stand out from other brands that predominantly uses social media.

Do avoid including a “sales talk” messaging as it could quickly turn off your customers. Focus instead on telling them how much they mean to you. Lastly, don’t forget to include a special offer or voucher in order to complement your token of gratitude.


6. Consider Offering Anonymous Gift Delivery and Free Gift Wrapping

Who doesn’t want to surprise their loved ones on Valentine’s Day? Give your consumers the opportunity to make their respective significant others feel special by offering anonymous gift delivery. Through this, you can even help out a person who wants to confess his love to someone but doesn’t have enough confidence to do so personally.

Aside from this, you should also offer free gift wrapping service to all your customers during this special occasion. This is just a simple, hassle-free gesture which shows that you ultimately care about them.


7. Produce a Last-Minute Gift Idea Video

Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when gift-giving is an essential part of the event. And while most people can always rely on chocolates and flowers, some are probably yearning for more creative gift ideas for their significant others.

In order to cater to these needs, create a gift guide video to showcase your own respective products. It’s best to highlight romantic-themed or self-love items but you can also display a completely unusual merchandise that you might not expect during Valentine’s Day. You can even add a cool twist and turn a simple video into a musical slideshow or even a movie.

Tip: You don’t need a full-blown production team to create videos like this. With a smartphone, you can easily produce your very own professional Valentine’s Day videos.


8. Spread the Love to a Cause

There’s probably no better way to celebrate love than teaming up with a charity of your choosing and encouraging your customers to offer their support.

Sign-up on crowdfunding sites and share the link to your consumers so they can directly give their donations to your specific charity. 

You can also try out hosting an event. Bakeshops can offer a healthy baking class⁠—a means which your business can gather enough funds to donate to charity. Fashion retailers and beauty brands can also join in the festivities by creating a social media campaign. For instance, for every customer purchase of a specific product (whether a red lipstick or a sultry dress), you will donate a set amount of money to a cause.


9. Host a Valentine’s Day Contest

A contest is always a fun way to celebrate the festivities of any event, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

If you’re active on social media, you can especially take advantage of the different types of contests you can host—from polls, quizzes, raffle draws, to simply sharing a post. However, if you want a creative and heartwarming idea perfect for Valentine’s, you can ask your audience to share their love stories then offer a prize for the one with the best romantic tale.

Make sure to ask for all kinds of love stories (from romantic, familial, and friendship) in order not to alienate members of your audience. You should also explain the guidelines quickly before launching this Valentine’s Day marketing idea in order to avoid confusion.


10. Create a Special Valentine’s Day Feature Video

Had a successful Valentine’s Day contest? You can invite the winners over to your store and create a video highlighting their grand romantic tale and their overall experience with your brand.

It’s best to focus entirely on the couple and the message and avoid any over-promotional content. Testimonial videos like these would ultimately improve brand credibility and trust as well as increase referrals.


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With people spending tons of money on gifts during Valentine’s Day, it’s indeed a special occasion that your business couldn’t afford to ignore. Thankfully, these 10 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas listed here can help you capture customers’ hearts and ultimately increase sales.

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