9 Video Production Trends Every Marketer Should Not Ignore

Video Production Trends

2019 was a big year for video productions, with the Marvel film “Avengers: Endgame” earning more than a whopping $2.7 billion in the box office. Aside from this, the way video is consumed in various social media platforms has contributed to making it more important than ever before, especially in businesses.

Using videos for your brand campaigns is definitely a marketing strategy you should consider. It’s estimated that people would spend more of their time watching videos by 2021. In fact, some countries namely China and Sweden have already exceeded the average video consumption. And as this online video consumption increases, the amount of money businesses spend on video ads also grows. According to Zenith’s report, ad spending on videos is expected to reach $61 billion by 2021.

While all these statistics are great for businesses that produce videos, it also means a tighter competition as the industry gets more saturated. That’s why it’s vital for marketers to be ahead of the game by delivering videos at the right time and using the latest techniques. To guide you, here are 9 video production trends every business should implement in their digital marketing strategy to ensure success.


2020 Video Production Trends Every Business Should Watch Out For


1. Personalized Videos

With 72% of consumers saying that they would engage with marketing messages that are personalized, 60% of marketers consider using personalization in their videos to improve overall leads and return on investment (ROI). 

Personalized videos allow your business to create meaningful relationships with your consumers. It can also provide targeted solutions to any needs they might have, making you stand out from the competition. This ultimately makes them more likely to invest in your products or services.

Creating 1:1 personalized videos can now be done easily, thanks to the increasing quality of smartphone videos. Use it to follow-up on an inquiry, deliver support, or just to simply say your ‘Thanks.’


2. Live Videos

While going live is mainly used by gamers and the like, you should know that live-streaming is becoming increasingly popular nowadays and it’s projected to grow to a $70 billion industry by 2021.

it’s definitely something you should consider in your video marketing strategy as it can bring a significant amount of revenue for your business. In fact, live streaming increases audience engagement and retainment compared to pre-recorded videos.

Did You Know? Aside from live-streaming platforms such as Twitch, several social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have already integrated live-streaming. This makes it even easier to reach consumers as millions of users are increasingly becoming active on the said sites.


3. 360° Videos

360-degree videos allow businesses to offer an immersive experience for their consumers as it enables viewers to control their perspective. It also helps brands stand out from the crowd by telling a unique story. Whether you want to showcase your product or share how a specific method is done, you can do it through 360-degree videos.

Ultimately, using this form of video content leads to greater ROI while also improving brand awareness and engagement.


4. Virtual-Reality Videos

Virtual-reality (VR) has already been making its mark on the gaming industry for the past 5 years and this trend is expected to continue until 2020. However, education, healthcare, business, and marketing industries should also consider integrating VR in their videos.

This new kind of video allows your consumers to personally see and experience a world that you created just for them. It also enables them to feel things they otherwise wouldn’t be feeling in the real world. Since VR videos are completely immersive and unique, they can propel your business on the right track.

Did You Know? According to statistics, the global virtual reality software market is projected to reach a value of around $24.5 billion by 2020.


5. Long-form Videos

With the recent research showing that human attention spans are now shorter than those of a goldfish, many businesses are producing shorter videos in order to capture the attention of their consumers and in turn, boost their revenue. 

It’s great on the B2B front as online videos less than one minute in length had a completion rate of 68%. This is a large increase compared to the 25% completion rate of videos that are more than 20 minutes long.

However, from B2C perspectives, shorter videos are not always the best solution. For instance, around 80% of videos today are under five minutes in length but they drive less audience engagement. On the other hand, long-form videos that were 15 minutes or longer drive atleast 50% of audience engagement. 

As such, it’s a must to consider using long-form videos on your business marketing strategy. Not only does it allow you to tell a story that’s memorable, but it also enables you to educate your audience about your products or services. This ultimately leads to increased brand awareness and retainment.


6. Search-Friendly Videos

With the advent of artificial intelligence and closed captioning, video content is now easily searchable on the internet. For instance, AI helps businesses in transcribing the audio tracks of a specific video through voice recognition. This makes your video more visible on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo and on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Overall, search-friendly videos can increase brand recognition which can drive sales as people are more likely to buy from brands they trust.


7. Data-First Approach in Videos

You should know that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is no longer delivering substantial results. You need to share a compelling message at the right time to reach your consumers better. In order to do this, you have to follow a data-approach in your video marketing strategies.

Always look at consumer data and segment your video content accordingly based on their growing needs and demands. This ensures you stay ahead of the competition as you’re already giving customers what they want even before they knew it themselves. Ultimately, a data-first approach can significantly boost brand loyalty and business revenue.


8. Native Hosting and Embedded Videos

Controlling your video distribution should be one of your business’ priorities as this allows you to share your content better. For instance, embedding videos on your social media pages help you reach a wider audience considering the number of active users present on those sites.

However, do also consider hosting your videos on other sites as well. You never know who can stumble upon your message and found it useful. This can make your brand recognizable and even increase your authority in the industry.


9. Templated Videos

Brand image is one of the most important elements when it comes to building your online presence in social media. As such, consistent video production styling is the key to keep your business on top of the competition. One easy way to do this is through using templates for your videos.

For instance, having the same 5-second intro—whether it’s an animated company logo or a short catchy phrase—all throughout your videos allow audiences to easily recognize your content from the other ones. However, simply using the same font for your call-to-actions at the end could also work. 

Templated videos are also easy to produce with fast turnarounds. This ultimately results in lower production costs, allowing you to spend your hard-earned money on other important things.

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With the new year just around the corner, businesses must integrate these 9 video production trends into their marketing campaigns to ensure they stay relevant and successful in the industry.

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