Customer Details

1. Tell us a brief background of your company. Link us to your website if you like.

2. What predicament is your business currently in that calls for the need of a video production?

3. What kind of video/s do you think you need for this situation? (If you have no idea, leave this part blank and we’ll recommend the right kind of video/s for you)

4. What is/are the key message/s of your video? What do you want your audiences to learn, think or do after watching the video?

5. Where will your video be shown? Will you be using it on the web, on mass broadcasting, or in an event? What device/s will be used to playback the video?

6. Who are your audiences?

7. What is your preferred duration or how long should the video run?

8. Is there any movie, commercial, video or other multimedia in which you would like to base the style and treatment of the video? (paste your link here)

9. What are the resources you currently have that can be used in the project? (ex. script, talents, location, VO artist, photo archive, etc.)

10. When do you plan to mobilize the project

11. Who will approve the video?