4 Video Production Lessons from the Most Successful Ads


The most replayed commercials in the Philippines often pull on viewers’ heartstrings, whether these video productions promote insurance companies or fast-food chains. You might be wondering how these ads have acquired their timeless appeal, though. There should be a few principles you can apply to your own Philippine video productions, right?

Learn from the success of the most memorable ads by keeping these 4 video production lessons in mind.


4 Lessons in Video Production from Successful Ads


1. Take Risks

Browse the comments for a given successful ad, and you may find at least one user mentioning how “unique” the ad’s concept is. After all, the most memorable video productions don’t follow the usual plotlines of most other ads in the Philippines. For example, video production storylines about love may end with the guy failing to get the girl or a proposal getting turned down.


However, these risky choices have paid off. Brands with strategically unconventional ads continue to stand out in the memories of viewers across the Philippines, thanks to a blend of uniqueness and relatability.


LESSON: Don’t be afraid to go against the mainstream. Audiences may find your one-of-a-kind concept refreshing.


2. Keep it Real

Conventional or not, stories only really catch on if people find them relatable. How do brands with memorable ads continue to come with stories that resonate with their audiences, however?


The key is to keep stories rooted in reality. Some notable brands develop their storylines after gleaning them from real stories posted on social media. This results in plots involving family values, the search for true love, and other concepts that many Filipinos know too well.


LESSON: Keep your stories relatable. Your audience will see themselves in your ads and, subsequently, in your brand.


3. Maximize Your Music

One common trait across several successful video productions is the expert use of music. Sometimes, the music is dominant enough to take the place of dialogue, while in other videos, it fades in and out under a voiceover. Also, some ads use pop songs from well-known Philippine artists while others use more subtle instrumentals. However, you’ll notice that the track always swells up at the climax of the video to drive the emotions home.


LESSON: It’s one thing to choose the right soundtrack. However, matching the highs and lows of your music with your video production’s storyline is just as important.


4. Note Down What Works

Just as companies often have branding manuals, brands who’ve put out successful ads may develop playbooks down the line. These playbooks lay out an ad’s creation process to serve as a template for the years to come. As a result, subsequent ads feature the same tried and tested video production style and may even overtake previous commercials in terms of reach and impact.


LESSON: Did one of your previous ads generate much more positive engagement than expected? Pinpoint the factor that made the ad such a hit, and then bring that factor into play in your next ad.


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These 4 lessons form the foundation of video productions that Philippine audiences now look forward to year after year. Give these 4 video production lessons a try yourself, and you can win audiences over with your brand’s next set of ads, too!


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