6 Steps to Choose the Right Music for Your Video Ad

6 Steps to Choose the Right Music for Your Video Ad

Your company might need a new video advertisement at some point. While coming up with a fresh and interesting concept can already be a challenge, executing it is a different story all together. For one, you’ll need to find the perfect music for your newest video ad.


Music seems like a minor post-production detail, but research shows that it’s actually a powerful marketing element. A 2015 study by the Nielsen Company revealed that after evaluation of 600 ads, those with music were scored as more creative, empathic, and emotive, as well as better at conveying information. Thus, a fitting soundtrack can boost how your ad connects with viewers, inviting them to find out more about your product or brand. Aside from that, the right music can strengthen your brand’s personality.


Fortunately, there are also steps you can take to find the perfect video ad soundtrack with ease! Here’s a 6-step guide that can streamline your music search.


Choose the Right Music for Your Video Ad-Infographic


Choose the Right Music for Your Video Ad in 6 Steps


1. Decide on Your Tone

Do you want your video ad to be dramatic, cheerful, or funny? Keep your desired tone in mind when choosing music. It sounds simple, but it can spell the difference between an effective ad and a costly flop.


2. Determine the Role of Music in Your Ad

Your music should complete your video ad, not take away from it! Be sure that your message isn’t drowned out by the soundtrack.


  • Conveying details and technicalities? Pick a supportive underscore or some generic background music that won’t distract your viewers.
  • Tackling a broad concept? Find foreground music that can evoke emotion from viewers, such as popular songs.
  • Thinking of squeezing in a jingle? Do so with care–it might help your brand appear to be in touch, but it won’t draw as much empathy as other options.


3. Bring Your Audience into the Picture

Does your target market gravitate toward a certain genre, like hip-hop, classical, or electronic dance music? Or are you aiming for a broader market? Choose a track that speaks to your audience, but don’t alienate viewers by focusing too much on one genre.


4. Mind Your Budget

Whether you’ll be hiring a composer for a custom-tailored score or paying for licensed music, be sure that you can actually afford your ad’s music!


  • Access to a Music Library: Roughly P500-P5,000 (for small business and personal use)
  • Hiring a Composer: Around P15,000-P50,000 for a short video. Best for:
    • an ad with several mood changes
    • an explainer video that introduces your company
    • a series of video ads that ideally share a motif.


TIP: Running on a really tight budget? Try visiting Free Commercial Music, Free Music Archive, or the IMSLP Petrucci Music Library, which offer legally downloadable music free of cost!


5. Have Some Reference Music Around

Have a song in mind which gives off the perfect vibe for your video ad? Note it down, and then try entering it into the Sonic Search tool on Bedtracks to find similar tunes.


Reference tracks can also give your chosen composer a sense of what you’re looking for.


6. Keep In Step with Your Ad’s Pacing

Strengthen the narrative of your ad by choosing music with a consistent rhythm. It’ll also be easier for you to try the following sound design techniques:


  • Emphasize key points with the stops and starts in the track.
  • Try pulling out music to highlight an image or message, and then bring the music back in right after. Don’t overuse this, though!
  • Musical “bookends” at both ends of your video can set the ad’s tone and make it feel coherent and complete. Try pairing music with an image for a few seconds to make a bookend.
  • You can divide your video into segments with more bookends or by increasing the music volume at key points.
  • Feel free to loop or cut sections of the track to make the music fit just right!


With these 6 steps, it can be easier for you to find the soundtrack that matches your video ad. If you need some extra help, you may also contact video production experts such as the professionals at Mustasa Republic! Our services range from storyboarding to musical scoring to DVD authoring and file conversion. Allow us to work with you and give your digital marketing a competitive edge!

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