5 Ways Music Can Enhance Your Commercials

5 Ways Music Can Enhance Your Commercials

Think you’ll need a new commercial or two for the turn of the year? Aside from thinking of a theme or a tagline, you’ll need to choose music for your next ad. Music sounds like a minor consideration when it comes to video production, but it can have a great effect on your commercials. Some companies even hire composers to create original soundtracks custom-tailored to their ads! To give you an idea of just how powerful the right music can be, check out these 5 ways it can enhance your newest commercial.


5 Ways Music Can Strengthen Your Commercials


1. Stirs Up Emotion in Your Audience

Simply adding music to a commercial increases the chances that viewers will notice it and take note of its message. The right music, however, can also help consumers connect with the commercial on an emotional level.

Music has been proven to trigger emotions. Think of epic orchestral soundtracks that cause goosebumps, ballads that make your heart ache, or peppy electronic dance tracks that make you tap your feet to the beat. The rush of emotion can be enough to make a consumer more interested in what your commercial has to say. On top of that, if they happen to like the choice of music, they’re more likely to share the ad together with any associated content.


2. Helps Set the Storyline

A brand becomes more relatable when it tells its audience a story, and music is one of the elements that are crucial to storytelling. Recall the last TV show or movie you saw. You might have noticed the difference between the music that plays during quieter scenes and during the climax. In the same way, the music you add to your commercial can help the embedded story unfold well. Changes in the tempo, pitch, or volume can highlight key moments in the commercial’s storyline, whether or not the audience is paying close attention to the music.


3. Drives Viewers to Take Action

If music can evoke emotion, it can definitely enhance a message and motivate people to rally behind a given cause or adopt a certain worldview. Just listen to any national anthem, Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World,” or “Do You Hear the People Sing” from Les Miserables. With the help of the right music, your commercial won’t just get its message across but outright propel it to your audience. As a plus, your brand might be mentioned in conversations related to your advocacy later on!


4. Transforms the Commercial Into a Snapshot of Your Brand

Use a certain track in a commercial, and it can become synonymous to your brand, especially if the ad goes viral. It helps if you’ve chosen music that clicks with consumers in your target demographic and captures what your brand stands for at the same time.


Music also has an interesting tendency to get stuck in people’s heads. If you’ve chosen catchy music or a popular song, viewers can be reminded of your commercial whenever they hum the tune or hear the song on the radio!


5. Boost Your Ad’s Conversion Power

Yes, the right commercial music can give your viewers an extra push to become a buying customer! Because it already reinforces the brand, your choice of music signals to consumers in your target demographic that this ad is, in fact, for them. It can help give consumers a peek at the experience your brand offers, which can include how they’ll feel when they try out your products or services. This musical preview might be just what your consumers need to finally make a purchase. Think of it as the aural version of a free sample.


Considering these 5 benefits, you’ll want to be sure to choose the right music to add to your commercial. Why not gather suggestions from video production experts? The professionals at Mustasa Republic can lend you a hand with post-production for your ad, including musical scoring. Feel free to check out our video production services and contact us to see how we can help you.

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