11 Creative Christmas Video Ideas to Market Your Business This Season

11 Creative Christmas Video Ideas to Market Your Business This Season

As a business owner, you probably know that Christmas is the busiest time of the year in terms of customer inquiries and sales. However, there are also a lot of companies out in the market catering to this large demand during the Holiday season.


As such, it’s recommended that you create a unique marketing campaign in order to stand out among your competitors. And what can be more original and engaging than video content? In fact, embedding videos on your site’s landing page can increase your conversions by 80%. Ultimately, video content can help you get in touch with clients and prospects as well as boost your revenue.


Ready to market your business campaign through videos? Here are 11 creative Christmas videos to inspire you.


11 Christmas Video Ideas for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign


1. Christmas Countdown Video

Customers love anticipating for the Holiday season. And it’s best to capitalize on this feeling by producing a Christmas countdown video. As a result, you can urge them to start shopping for gifts and booking tickets for special events as early as possible.


Tip: Make the video even more festive and exciting by adding Christmas royalty-free music.


2. Holiday Sale Promotion Video

Holiday sale promotion videos can be in conjunction with Christmas countdown videos. For instance, you can create a video counting down to the biggest sale day your business is having. This ultimately sparks customers’ interest and allows them to anticipate this big discounted event.


Of course, don’t forget to highlight your special deals or any bundled promos you might be offering. And while this kind of video is similar to any other promotional videos, you can tweak it to the Holiday season by adding Christmas elements such as Santa Claus, presents, snowflakes, and of course, the colors red and green.


3. Christmas Greeting Video

A simple “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” greeting video can also do wonders for your business.


Adding this video on your website can keep visitors on your site for atleast 6 minutes, compared to a dismal 57 seconds on websites containing pure text only. However, do also share it to your social media accounts and even in newsletters to reach a larger audience.


Did You Know? According to Moovly, embedding videos on your emails bring you an increase in open rates by 5.6% and click-through rates by 96%.


4. Christmas “Thank You” Video

Showing your gratitude to consumers through a Christmas “Thank You” video lets you build a more personal connection with them. This can also improve customer satisfaction and even promote brand loyalty by turning them into loyal ambassadors.


You can also offer special voucher codes to a select few⁠—in appreciation of their continuous support for your business⁠—through the combination of a “Thank You” video and a Holiday sale promo snippet.


5. Christmas Donation Video

Aside from your customers, you should also share your blessings with other people who are less fortunate than you. 


It’s always a good idea to participate in a charity event at the end of the year, specifically during Christmas. Make sure to document the particular program you have prepared and share it on your website afterwards. This lets people know what your business ultimately stands for beyond the products or services you might offer.


6. Christmas Fact Video

There’s nothing bad with just simply entertaining your consumers through a Christmas fun fact video. Share anything interesting that people probably didn’t know yet—from the history of Christmas to Holiday traditions around the world, or even funny events that transpired on December 25th. After all, Christmas is all about having a good time and sharing hilarious moments with your loved ones.


7. Christmas Gift Ideas Video

For most people, when they think about the word “Christmas,” they probably also thought of exchanging gifts and presents with their families and friends.


As such, it’s the perfect time to promote your very own products through a Christmas video about gift ideas. Do note that most people are looking for creative yet affordable Holiday presents so only suggest relevant items.


Tip: You can also suggest other Christmas gift ideas in the video that are not on your business product list to avoid being over-promotional.


8. Christmas Hack Video

While celebrating Christmas is usually a happy affair, shopping for the Holidays can be extremely stressful for some people. 


Make the lives of your consumers easier by sharing life hacks through a Christmas video. You can even highlight some of your products if they fit the bill. However, do remember that the main goal of creating this video is to raise brand awareness.


Did You Know? The amount of death due to stress-related diseases such as heart attacks increases every Christmas, according to Times.


9. Christmas Decoration Competition Video

A Christmas decoration competition not only serves as a good marketing video idea for your business but it can also be used as a fun, teambuilding activity for your employees.


Shoot and document the fun event happening in your store then share the video on various online platforms. This would ultimately entice viewers to actually visit your physical boutique and even buy some of your items.


10. Christmas Tutorial Video

Making special Christmas tutorial videos is the perfect way to promote your product while still giving valuable insight and information about your product.


Especially fit for businesses that run a cosmetic line, Christmas makeup tutorials is definitely a video concept you shouldn’t skip as the Holidays is the time of parties and other social gatherings. This type of video allows you to highlight the benefits of your makeup products while still providing useful information to your viewers, especially to those who are already interested in trying out your items.


Home or office furnishing stores can also benefit from Christmas tutorial videos. Simply film a time-sensitive DIY video (whether it’s about decorating your own Christmas tree or ways to keep the home cozy and warm) to inspire viewers into buying your products.


11. A Year in Review Video

While not a Christmas-themed video per se, it’s also a must to make “Year in Review” videos to show what your business has accomplished in the past year. These achievements could either be reaching an important company milestone or simply overcoming a great challenge. 


But no matter which one you decided to share, your goal should be to inspire viewers and to let them know that your business is here to stay in the industry.

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With Christmas just around the corner and many businesses putting up various gimmicks, producing videos for your Holiday marketing campaign is a foolproof way to capture consumers’ attention. Try out these creative Christmas video ideas to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy an increase in your sales. 


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