7 Secrets to a Successful Video Marketing Campaign for the New Year

Successful Video Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing Campaigns aren’t easy to pull-off especially since there are hundreds out there. Still, there are a few industry brands like Burger King and Geico that make memorable video campaigns year after year. Ever wonder how they got it down so well? That is because they know the secrets to create a video campaign that people actually enjoy. 


The video marketing industry is all about creativity, with a couple of guidelines kept in mind in order to make it stand out. If you want to know just what it takes to create a video campaign that will boost your brand’s reputation, then check out these 8 industry secrets.


7 Secrets to Successful Video Marketing Campaigns 


1. Television Commercial Formats Don’t Work.

The online world is very much different from the world of television, so don’t expect whatever works there will work here. Online users are much less patient with ads, especially if it’s interrupting them in the middle of a video or slowing down the speed of their feed. If you were hoping to produce a TV commercial and use the same thing for your video marketing campaign, then expect that your video might not catch anyone’s attention. 


Diversify your marketing strategy and get more creative with your video marketing campaigns. The online world gives you needs out-of-the-box campaigns in order to stand out. 


2. The First 5 Seconds is Crucial.

Saving the best for last does not apply in video marketing campaigns.


If given the opportunity to skip a video, most viewers will. So if you want to keep their attention, the first five seconds of the video have to hook them in right away. Set the scene right away and make sure the first few frames look and sound compelling enough to stick around for the rest. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the video doesn’t have to be good. From an interesting start, you have to build up the tension to a satisfying conclusion. 


3. Videos Must Be Appealing Even When Mute.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram mute videos when users go down their feed unless they tap on it. That means the visuals should be eye-catching enough for your potential viewers to stop. 


4. Story Over Sale Equals Possible Viral Video.

Successful Video Campaigns don’t seem like campaigns at first glance. That is because, in this type of marketing, it’s the story that weighs heavier than the sales pitch. 


Video campaigns resemble short films, which adds to the appeal they have in the online world. The soft-sell strategy pulls in viewers without them even realizing it. 


There are different types of video marketing campaigns that stood out because of the story they told. Some took the entertaining route by using humor in their campaigns. Others used dramatic, heart wrenching stories in their videos. And, of course, there are those that use inspiring messages to further a cause or shed light on what brands value, support, and believe in. Whatever route you take will depend on your brand and the purpose of your campaign.


5. Campaign Must Target the Right Audience.

The majority of internet active users are from the younger generation, so that is the general audience that you have to go after. If your target market is at the much older spectrum, then this may not be the most ideal platform. However, if your brand targets the Millennials and Gen Zs, then you have to create something that will get their attention.


6. It is Important to Optimize Tags.

You need to get your video out there for people to see in order to make it a big success. For that, you’re going to need to incorporate some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to make it searchable in case viewers would like to see it again. Here are a few things that can help with that:

  • Take note of the title that you give your video. It should have its own creative tag, but should also feature the name of the brand in it.
  • Make sure that it has the keywords that you need in order for them to be searchable.
  • You can also caption your videos with hashtags on several social media platforms.


7. Call to Actions Boost Effectivity.

All the work that goes into creating a video marketing campaign would go to waste if viewers had no idea what the point was. Include somewhere at the end or within the video about the brand itself. The connection of the story with the brand should also make sense in order for it to all tie together. 


Video Marketing Campaigns are difficult to execute, but they do come with great rewards when done successfully. They not only deliver brand awareness, but they also create audience engagement. And when you get the online community buzzing about something, it can launch your brand into greater heights. So don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities that video marketing has to offer, especially with the fresh start that the new year brings about. 


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